Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Review: Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipstick (29 Pink Sorbet and 34 Dark Pink)

 Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipstick, 29 Pink Sorbet, 34 Dark Pink, affordable lipsticks, India, best quality

Today's review is going to be about two massively popular and affordable lipsticks in the Indian market! They're the Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in 29 Pink Sorbet and 34 Dark Pink. I purchased them both from a local makeup store in Hyderabad along with a few other Miss Claire products. They are very difficult to find offline so I had to make the most of my serendipitous trip to the store! Let's see how they turned out for me.

Price: Rs. 250

Net weight: 2.5 g

Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipstick, 29 Pink Sorbet, 34 Dark Pink, affordable lipsticks india, beautiful, indian skin tones

Packaging: Cylindrical plastic packaging in colors corresponding with their shades

 Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipstick, 29 Pink Sorbet, 34 Dark Pink, swatches, affordable lipsticks india, natural, daily wear, no makeup makeup look india
Top: 34 Dark Pink, Bottom: 29 Pink Sorbet

My Experience

I got these Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks about a year ago and have been OBSESSED with them ever since! Both, 29 Pink Sorbet and 34 Dark Pink, are extremely gorgeous everyday lippies that would profoundly flatter Indian skin tones. Dark Pink is more or less my MLBB and comes in a sublime mauve pink shade, and Pink Sorbet works great in rendering me a natural glow with its perfect blend of corals and pinks.

Their consistencies are pretty smooth and can stay on your lips for easily over 4 hours (eating and drinking included). But, but, you MUST exfoliate dry lips before using them or they may come off chalky. They do transfer slightly onto cups, but with the price and color payoffs so great, I guess I can deal with that. 

  • Extremely affordable
  • Lovely everyday shades
  • Long-lasting
  • Pigmented
  • Will suit Indian skin tones
  • Convenient packaging
  • Not transfer proof
  • May come off as chalky on dry lips
  • Not easily available
Ratings: 4/5

Final Verdict: Miss Claire Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks are an absolute beauty essential, especially those women looking for affordable yet great lip colors for college/office wear. 29 Pink Sorbet and 34 Dark Pink are both great as everyday MLBB options, and given an opportunity I'd love to try other shades from this range too. Totally recommended!   

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Just Herbs Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash

just herbs silksplash rehydrant face wash, ayurvedic, acne-prone, pimples, skin, tan, india, affordable

Man does it feel great to be back to the blogosphere! I hope you guys are doing well. So today I am gonna review a face wash from my current skin care routine which I've been using for a good whole year now. It's the Just Herbs Silkplash Rehydrant Face Wash in Neem-Orange. 

Indians are well acquainted with the benefits of neem for acne and other skin issues, and orange peels have also gained immense popularity in the DIY realm to restore an even complexion. I've also had a fairly good experience Just Herbs earlier, so I knew I could safely give the Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash a try while going through crazy bouts of acne a year ago. Let's see how it fared for me!

Product Description

"An Ayurvedic face wash with the natural goodness of neem, Chandan(sandal wood), and honey. It  gently removes the last traces of dust, grime, and make-up residue, yet retaining the inherent moisture of the skin. Ayurveda states that Sandal Wood is moisturising and anti-inflammatory, Calendula acts as natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent with sun radiation protective properties.  Ayurvedic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Honey and Orange peel deeply moisturize leaving the skin with an amazing sense of freshness and a velvety sheen all day long.
  • Suits all skin types
  • Contains certified organic Neem and Aloe Vera"

Ingredients & Directions

india, just herbs silksplash rehydrant face wash, ayurvedic, affordable face wash india, pump packaging, neem, orange, honey, ingredients

Price₹ 345

Color and Consistency: Honey brown; gel-like.

just herbs silksplash rehydrant face wash, consistency, color and packaging, acne prone, india, cleanser, affordable

Net Volume: 100 ml

My Experience

As mentioned earlier, I've been using Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash for almost a year following an excellent experience with their aloe vera massage gel. Their products are paraben and SLS free and claim to be suitable for sensitive skin too.

The face wash comes in a secured plastic pump plastic which dispenses the product in a controlled manner. When I began using this face wash I noticed that my skin would turn bright red. I checked the ingredients to realize that it had a small percentage of honey, to which I am highly allergic, in it. However, I decided to give it a week more try as after the redness would diminish my skin actually felt clearer and comparatively more glowing. And I am glad I did 'cuz once my skin got used to it, it aided me tremendously in improving my tone and overall acne problem. It's mild yet cleanses your face thoroughly. I wouldn't recommend using it to cleanse your makeup though as that'd require a stronger formula.

  • Paraben and SLS free
  • Ayurvedic
  • Works effectively for acne-prone skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Lasts long
  • Moderately priced
  • Secured pump packaging
  • Only available online
  • Sensitive skin may initially turn red
  • Does not remove makeup
Ratings: 4.5/5

Overall Verdict: I think Just Herbs Silkplash Rehydrant Face Wash is an excellent mild cleanser for acne of all skin types. It's cooling and has a tranquil fragrance. You must definitely give it a try!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Currently Obsessed!

currently obsessed, beauty blog, series, T.V shows, new category

I love going through what people love. things that touch them and captivates their interest the  most. Therefore, it's no surprise that most of my YouTube history constitutes of beauty gurus' morning/night/evening/holiday.. and so forth videos! I am planning to begin a series of my list of "Current Obsessions" so you guys know for sure the things you can go ahead and blindly buy/watch/read/. 

I don't really have many for at the moment as I've mostly been sick for a while, but I guess I'll begin to take more interest in new products from now!

Here are the three stuff I've been loving lately! Two of them are skin care products and one is an extremely popular Netflix show with immense critical acclaim.

  • Herb Day Cleansing Tissue by The Face Shop

The Face Shop, Herb Day Cleansing Tissue, Korean Beauty, Makeup remover, gentle, acne-prone skin

First on the list is a pack of cleansing tissues by The Face Shop. I've honestly had awful experiences with facial tissues in the past. Got the Neutrogena one after everyone was raving about them (fine, fine, I gave into Kim Kardashian's "recommendations") and ended up with stubborn rashes. However, the Herb Day Cleansing Tissues looked really cute and had a pleasant mild fragrance, so I decided to give them a try.

They come in a pack of 20 sheets and work pretty well in removing all my makeup and grime. I've never had a reaction from using them (which is a big deal, BTW), and hence can vouch that it's perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin too. I think you should totally give these Herb Day Cleansing Tissues a try as they are effective and totally affordable too!

  • Tony Moly Skin Soothing Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask in Tea Tree

Skin Soothing Tony moly natural pulp essence sheet mask tea tree, face mask, korean beauty, affordable masks, acne-prone, anti-redness

Wow, that was a mouthful. Anyway, I first heard about Tony Moly, another Korean skin care brand, through a 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge on Buzzfeed and a week later their store opened in my area! That was enough for me to understand the universe's hint. 

So I got them in Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Sea Weeds since the S.A claimed they were the best for my skin type. I am obsessed with the Tea Tree variant out of the three, just like I loved Chia Seed out of The Face Shop Real Nature masks

It comes in a typical sheet mask packaging (attractive font and color) and sort of overflows with serum, which I personally like to massage into my skin later. It definitely helped in calming down and my redness and impart a dewy glow the next day. Purchased Skin Soothing Natural Pulp Essence in Tea Tree thrice already. Totally recommended!

  • Narcos

narcos, netflix, pablo escobar, colombia, cartels, currently obsessed, netflix and chill

I made up my heart after watching Breaking Bad that there wouldn't be any drugs based show that would even linger around its realm. But Narcos broke open that gate and created its own place in my list of favorite shows! So the show is based on a real-life Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. He was known as "The King of Cocaine"  and was one of the richest guys in the world back in early '90s. He is played by a versatile Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, who does a fab job at delineating the hurricane of greed, power, family love and the eventual twigs of survival Pablo Escobar embodied. 

Oberyn Martell vs Javier Pena, Game of thrones narcos, love, Pedro Pascal , DEA agent, trial by combat
Died a prince, reborn as a DEA officer!
Okay, so the main reason why I even began watching this crazy popular show was Pedro Pascal. Sigh. I was still not over Oberyn Martell's ruthless death in GoT and there was no better way to alleviate that grief than by watching him as a kick-ass and charming DEA officer in Narcos!

So these were the list of stuff I am currently obsessed with! Lemme know yours in the comments below!

Friday, 7 October 2016

5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Boggled My Mind!

5 crazy conspiracy theories, celebs, clones, pop culture, aeroplane

Let's all just admit that behind our gleeful smiles and propensity to crack lame jokes, there inhabits a fathomless void which can only be filled with crazy dark humor and mind-boggling conspiracy theories!

Conspiracy theories are like a pinch of salt and spices that make our bland lives seem a little more interesting and Hollywood-esque. I mean, imagine, you aren't really this anxiety-stricken and ornery because of, well your own issues, but from all the inconspicuous hypnosis you were subjected to via your T.V! Makes you feel better about yourself, right? *ahh, the blame-game gratification*

The Internet is deluged by such many more conspiracy theories and I could happily spend hours reading and "investigating" them. These are the top 5 theories, among the flurry of stuff I have seen/read, that totally boggled my mind. I don't necessarily believe them, but they are a fascinating read. Of course, I am not gonna be discussing the origin of Illuminati or 9/11 and mars etc, since they're passe now. 

Uhm okay, so here are they:

  • Denver International Airport is the Illuminati's Headquarters

denver airport, 5 conspiracy theories, blog, interesting, crazy

The last thing I want to be greeted with after coming down a tiring flight is a creepy blue mustang statue with red eyes. Doesn't help that the sculpture is also infamous for killing its creator while he was still working on it!
And these chilling factors around the massive Denver International Airport does not even stop here. It is filled with weird paintings depicting Nazi skeleton soldiers and scary devil murals, mostly signifying terror and the end of the world.

Built at 33,531 acres, the runways of this airport is in a Swastika pattern, fueling people to believe that it could be the headquarters of the Illuminati

conspiracy theory, capstone, dia

DIA's capstone also displays a symbol which bears an uncanny resemblance to the famous "Illuminati eye" and the funding was apparently funded by the New World Airport Commission, which apart from sounding eerily similar to the New World Order, wasn't even known before the airport came into existence. And oh yeah, there's apparently also a large secret morgue beneath the airport. Hm, when I read that my mind first went to a zombie apocalypse!

  • Celeb Deaths and Their Doppelgangers

conspiracy theories, crazy, pop culture, celeb clones, celeb deaths

According to this theory, Paul McCartney, Eminem and Avril Lavinge are all dead and replaced by their clones. 

So Macca was apparently killed during a car accident in 1966, possibly executed by Lennon, and was replaced by a look-alike, Billy Sheers. But Lennon eventually began feeling guilty and this was reflected in many songs, such as Strawberry Fields Forever (Lennon can be heard saying "I buried Paul" at the end), I'm So Tired ("Paul is dead, I miss him, I miss him" when played backwards) and making "Paul" walk barefoot on the covers of Abbey Road, well because, dead people don't wear shoes. 

Conspiracy theorists believe Avril Lavinge committed suicide after the death of her grandmother and was replaced by her acquaintance, Melissa Vandella. I mean what else could explain her recent shitty music, right?

Next theory is that Eminem died back in 2005 in a fatal car crash and was replaced by a clone. It's said that the Illuminati approached him when he was a rising rapper and offered him their "membership". He declined. They got pissed, killed him and put a clone in his place. 

  • Osama Bin Laden was Killed Way Before the Abbottabad Shootout

osama bin laden, death, u.s, conspiracy theory

So according to the theory, Osama Bin Laden was killed way before May 2, 2011, but because the Americans wanted an excuse to continue waging a war against the middle east, they kept it under wraps, till it was time for the elections. What gives credence to this theory is that no pictures of his body were ever released (they can shove the "too triggering/dangerous" excuse up where the sun never shines. Remember Sadam Hussain?) and he was hastily buried at sea within 24 hours. Yeah, I won't be surprised if this one turns out to be true.

  • Brace Your Death?

plane, aeroplane, brace position, conspiracy theory

Remember air hostesses giving you emergency guidelines prior to every take-off? You'll probably recall this particular bracing position you are supposed to assume during a possible crash. Well, apparently that position would just ensure your death!

According to a conspiracy theory. you can sue an airlines if the plane crashes or meets with an accident. They obviously wouldn't want that to happen so they'd rather not have any passengers to survive the crash. "Brace" position would direct greater impact towards your skull, guaranteeing it gets crushed during the turmoil. 
I do not know how valid this theory is, it may be just a hoax after all, but it does send chills through you!

  • Snapchat is Used to Keep a Track on You by the FBI

snapchat, evil, spying, filter

snapchat, face filter, face scan

Love documenting your life on Snapchat with those cute filters? You may want to reconsider this addiction! Apparently the facial recognition feature was made so that the FBI could amass database of your face, surroundings and lifestyle. Creeeeepy, amirite? It may be bogus for all we know, however the recent Snapchat update which requires us to activate our Location to use filters does seem shady to me. 

So these are the 5 crazy conspiracy theories that boggled my mind. Let me know if you are aware of any!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

3 Drinks for a Clearer and Brighter Skin!

smooth, glowing skin, radiant skin, natural, 3 drinks for beautiful skin, recipes

We spend endless money on beauty products to achieve that porcelain model-like skin we're over-exposed to. However, more often than not the sole result we obtain is our stooped bank statement, and perhaps some melancholic guilt-trips following that! Now, what if I told you there are 3 drinks that not only positively facilitate in making your skin bright and radiant, but are also extremely cheap and easy to make at home?

So here are 3 recipes to help you drink your way to a gorgeous skin!

  • Ginger Tea with Lemon

ginger tea with lemon, clear and bright skin, 3 drinks, beauty
Image Courtesy: Taste for life
Gingers are a kitchen essential in every Indian household. Drinking ginger tea aids in reducing the signs of aging, inflammation and redness and also works as a catalyst in skin detoxification. And guess what? It also helps in alleviating nausea and other digestive issues, so drinking this tea will keep you light and fresh inside out! Here's how you make it:
  • 1/2 to one inch Ginger Root
  • 1/2 Lemon
  1. Place ginger root in about a mug of water
  2. Bring it to a boil
  3. Let it simmer for approximately 5-10 mins
  4. Pour it into a mug
  5. Squeeze half lemon into the tea
Adding lemon will not only enhance ginger tea's taste, but will also act as a powerful detoxifying agent with its powerhouse of Vitamin C!

  • Banana and Avocado Smoothie

Image Courtesy: Smiling Body, Smiling Mind
This banana and avocado smoothie is packed with potassium and good fats that help in lending your skin elasticity and shine. It's super-simple to make and is delicious to drink while reading your favorite book! Here's how you make it:
  • One Avocado
  • One Banana
  • Half a glass of Milk
  1. Combine them all in a blender and blend till you reach the desired consistency
  2. You can also add one tsp of powdered Flaxseed for added benefits

  • Green Tea with Mint Leaves

Image Courtesy: Cancer Frighters Thrive
We all are extremely aware of the advantages of inculcating green tea in our daily lives. However, you can augment the advantages of this cooling tea by adding a few mint leaves to it. Mint possesses several anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which will ease the acne clearing process and even out your complexion. Here's how you make it:

  • One tsp Green Tea Leaves
  • 3-5 Mint Leaves
  1. Bring about one mug water to a boil, throw some mint leaves in
  2. Add green tea leaves after a minute
  3. Let it simmer for around 2-5 mins
  4. Drink it hot

I hope you benefit from these 3 drinks! Let me know what you drink to keep your skin clear and healthy!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Go-To Makeup Essentials

We all have a set of go-to makeup essentials which come in great handy when we're in rush yet gotta look pristine before stepping out. I definitely have my list of 7 products that help me come across quasi-presentable even when I am mentally stuck in a zombie apocalypse zone!

Go-to makeup essentials, India, Saudi, gulf, maybeeline, bourjois paris, loreal, la shield, colorbar

This, ofcourse, is preceded with my skincare routine during which I slather around two layers of Atopia on my drought-stricken face. And then, I begin with these great stuff! Kindly note that I got all the base products only after my dermat's approval.

1) Sunscreen Gel 

la shield sunscreen, glenmark, spf 40, sunblock, skin care essential, makeup

I've declared my lengths of love for La Shield in my previous skin care post! I apply it generously on my skin after moisturizing it well. This sunscreen gel has SPF 40 in it and is water-resistant. A full review will be up soon.

2) Primer

colorbar primer, silicone based, best primer, india, go-to makeup essentials

I have an extremely dry skin so I don't really need a primer. But the Colorbar one does a great job at diminishing redness and mattifying my eyelids so I apply it sparingly on the said areas. It's light-weight and never broke me out, courtesy its silicone and gel-based formulation. 

3) CC Cream

bourjois paris cc cream, go-to makeup essentials, color corrector

I still remember the BB and CC cream fad around 3 years ago. In order to blend with the trend, I first used Garnier BB cream, but that gave me crazy bad bumps and rashes. Later I succumbed to Bourjois Paris' SA praises of the CC cream and I am glad purchased it! The CC cream disperses into the skin within seconds and cancels out all the redness too. And guess what? It's recommended by Lisa Eldrige as well! 

4) Gel Eyeliner

maybelline long lasting drama, eyeliner, drugstore, go-to makeup essentials

Maybelline Long Lasting Drama is easy to use and comes with a soft and flexible brush. I love its semi-matte texture. 

5) Eyelash Curler and Mascara

loreal volume million lashes, mascara, my go-to makeup essentials

There was a time when I dreaded applying mascara, lest I became blind from poking the wand into my eye, but now I can barely leave my house without it. I usually curl my lashes first and then apply about 2 coats of mascara. I am using Loreal Volume Million Lashes at the moment. It's great for lengthening and stays put the entire day. 

6) Lip cream

miss claire, lip cream, matte, my go-to makeup essentials, 08, dupe nyx

It's important to wear a matte lip cream for a natural and polished look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Claire Lip Cream in 08! It's ultra-pigmented and wouldn't budge from your lips at all, no matter what you eat. The only teensy-weensy drawback is that it may transfer onto your teeth, but the "finger in the lip trick" can help you tackle that!

So these are the products that make me look put together even on my laziest days. I'd be glad to know your makeup essentials in the comments below!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Indian YouTube Beauty Gurus: My Fav 6!

best indian beauty gurus, youtube, makeup, skin care, top, favorite
YouTube beauty gurus are pretty much the reason why I first started experimenting with makeup and DIYs. If I can recall clearly, The Makeup Chair was the first beauty channel I stumbled upon five years ago during my peregrination of learning to apply an eyeliner on "fleek" (ugh, such an over-used term!).
From there, I began subscribing to diverse beauty channels, from Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota to Farah Dhukai. However, it was rather difficult for me to relate to them as most of the popular beauty gurus were either white or lived in other countries, using products which were inaccessible in India.

Fortunately, a few months later there was a surge in the number and popularity of Indian beauty and lifestyle YouTubers. I found them preppy, closer to my age and tangible in whacking more aspects. The products they mentioned were also familiar, in comparison to the brands featured by foreign gurus that were mind-mindbogglingly intimidating for someone like me, who was freshly new in the makeup scene. Seriously though, Chantikay? Chantikee? Shantakee? Guess I'll never know.

Here's a list of my 6 favorite Indian YouTube beauty gurus whom, I am sure, you are gonna love too!

6. Delhi Fashion Blogger

delhi fashion blogger, top indian beauty gurus, youtube, komal, team komal
Image Courtesy: YouTube
I was drawn towards Komal's, aka Delhi Fashion Blogger, pleasant vibes right from her first video I watched! Her voice is ultra-soothing to the ears and she gives honest reviews on beauty products usually after trying it for no less than a month. Komal also holds strong opinions on fat shaming and superficial beauty standards set for women by the society, which she deals with in her videos, #KomalTalks. And oh, she sings too! 

sherry shroff, top indian beauty guru, makeup, lifestyle vlogger, model
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Scherezade Shroff or Sherry is a former popular model turned lifestyle vlogger. Her energy is crazy contagious and can come in handy to effortlessly reinvigorate your mood! She covers a range of topics on her channel apart from makeup, such as fashion, finance and other practical advice for urban women. Get ready for tonnes of  cool food and travel vlogs as well!

4. MyHappinesz

myhappinesz, top indian youtube beauty gurus, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, komal, angels
Image Courtesy: Myhappinesz
Komal, aka Myhappinesz, posts several easily achievable makeup looks, prep talk, diet tips and fashion haul videos. I love her personal vlogs in which she gives an insight into her daily life of living with her understanding husband, in-laws and two adorable dogs! 

3. SuperWOWstyle

prachi, superwowstyle, youtube, beauty guru, top beauty youtubers, roadies

You probably know Prachi from her Roadies days. Well, on her channel SuperWOWstyle, we find how interactive and sweet she really is!

Prachi usually posts a gamut of beauty reviews and homemade remedies for virtually every skin problem. Love how well-spoken and honest she is. 

2. Sjlovesjewelry

sjlovesjewelry, shreya jain, indian beauty guru, makeup, hauls, skincare, acne
Image Courtesy: YouTube
Shreya Jain has come a long way from mixing up her words on camera to representing Indian YouTube beauty gurus on many occasions. She is probably one of the most versatile YouTubers, boasting of a sweep of makeup looks and skin care tips. She also openly talks and gives tips on how she deals with suffering from PCOS. Shreya is chirpy and totally relatable, which makes me enjoy watching her videos!

1. Debasree Banerjee 

debasree banerjee, all she needs, vlogger, top indian beauty guru, skincare, acne, makeup, assam, kolkata
Image Courtesy: YouTube
Debasree Banerjee is simply delightful! She possesses great presentation skills and has a knack for experimenting with new and extremely affordable beauty products. I found out about Miss Claire (my HG lip creams) and Kiss Beauty through her. Debasree's endeavors in striking the right balance between high-end makeup tutorials and discovering awesome and reasonably priced dupes is what makes her extremely popular in the Indian YouTube beauty game.  That, and her affable personality!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

7 Favorite Comic Strips Guaranteed to Hit You in ze Feels

calvin and hobbes, explore, favorite comic strips, love, emotional
There's nothing more relishing than slumping to some bright yet intense comic strips after a long day at work! I could spend an eternity reading reflective, quirky and inspiring comics, especially which evoke a tinge of nostalgia in me. While discussing things that inspire us with a friend, I thought of collating a list of my favorite most strips that effortlessly struck a chord with me. These moved me so much that it almost felt like they were created keeping my life in mind!

Here're my top 7 strips for you to read and get punched right in ze feels! They are all vivid and brilliantly drawn. The list of my favorites is actually never-ending, but I turn to these ones when I am particularly down. Some of them are pretty new, while others have ceaselessly been inspiring me since high school.

7. For those haunted with anxiety and suicidal thoughts 

doodle drama, suicide, anxiety, indian youth, comic strip, favorite

I stumbled upon Doodleodrama quite recently and my, my, her graphics are simply delightful! They are funny and extremely tangible. This strip was posted on World Suicide Prevention Day as a means to promote awareness about the rising rates of suicide death in India. Albeit new, the last panel gave me some major goosebumps!

See more of Doodleodrama here.

6. For those who can never get the words right

incidental comics, word problems, awkward, introvert, comic strips, favorite

incidental comics, word problems, introvert

incidental comics, word problems, introvert
Grant Snider is hands-down one of my favorite illustrators! His comics are so real that it's heartbreaking. Crazy how difficult it is for some people (see:me) to muster up the confidence to get a few words right with others. This perfectly depicts such a person's (again, me) constant state of battle between their mind and the tongue.

5. For those in need of little introspection

calvin and hobbes, stars, introspection, favorite comic strips

We all grew up with the six-year-old Calvin and his imaginary pet tiger, Hobbes. They are adorable and often represent what it's like to think differently from the mechanized system we're a part of. This strip is just so serene to look at! It reminds us to not take ourselves all that seriously and gaze into the glistening stars every once in a while.

See more of Calvin and Hobbes here.

 4. For those wrestling with self-doubt and failures

picture in boxes, rubik square, self-doubt, failure, comic strips

I can't recall when exactly I came across this illustration, but I do remember getting very teary  upon reading it. We often find ourselves lost and clueless during our youth, assuming things to remain perennially distressing. Comics like these are a manifestation of hope, that you'll have everything figured out one day and what you went through will eventually be worth it.

See more of Pictures in Boxes here.

3. For those struggling to embrace change

lunarbaboon, family, change, memories, comic strips
It takes me forever to get accustomed to change which is why I hate it. However, we must learn to embrace it sooner to combat every challenge thrown at us in life. I keep this around to remind myself that every change is beautiful in its own way.

See more of LunarBaboon here.

2. For those bogged down by the dreaded "chaar log" and their cynicism

muslim show, favorite comic strips, cynicism, deaf, masjid

I've learnt more about the practical application of Islam through The Muslim Show than I did in my Islamic Studies classes at school. Their main figures have evolved from full-fledged graphics to shadows, but the essence stays intact. 
I love this "Impossible" strip. The message is simple and smart: if you want to accomplish something, turn your deaf ear to the negative people in life. 

See more of The Muslim Show here.

1. For those overwhelmed in the pursuit to fulfill their ambition

the nature of ambition, incidental comics, favorite comics, inspiring, grant snider

It's Grant Snider again! I cannot stress upon just how much I adore this strip. It helped me tackle so many inner fears and insecurities and still makes me stay true to my roots. I plan to hang it as a portrait in my bedroom soon so The Nature of Ambition is the first thing I open my eyes to every morning.

See more of Incidental Comics here.

I hope you like my list. Let me know which ones inspire you!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Current Skin Care Routine!

clean and clear lemon, atopia cream, vichy thermal spa water, plum face masks, plum aloe moisturizer, QV Body lotion, the face shop sheet mask, la shield suncreen gel, votre serum

I cannot stress enough upon how crazy important it is to have a skin care routine! I know 'cuz if I skip mine for more than a day, pesky acne pop up to remind me of my negligence.

You don't really need to have an elaborate regimen consisting of products that wreck your wallet. On the contrary, a lot of dermatologists believe that you must keep it as simple as possible for your face to breath. What's more important is that you be extremely regular about using them to yield your desired skin. 
Okay, so I don't use ALL the products in the picture punctually. I mean I try my best to, but more often than not my laziness gets the better of me. However, I make sure I at least cleanse, moisturize and spritz thermal water. For my night time routine, I just use a cleanser and moisturizer.

Here're the details of every product in my skin care routine in the order I use them:


1. Cleanser: Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash (OR) Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Wash with Lemon and Papaya Extracts
I use either of the two face washes depending on my mood. The former one is really gentle on my skin and it's great when I am going through a bad breakout. Clean & Clear is pretty effective in eliminating dullness after a long day out. However, it can be a little drying on the skin.

2. Serum: Votre Face Serum
I started using serums recently and it has considerably improved the texture of my skin. They're light and fast-absorbing, imbuing an innate sheen on your face. If you're above 20, I definitely recommend you incorporate a serum at least every other day.
I usually apply it on my damp skin and wait around 15 secs before moving on to the next step.

3. Moisturizer: Atopia Cream (OR) Plum Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer
I use Plum Aloe during day time as it gives me a matte yet hydrated texture and Atopia Cream at night, waking up to a radiant and soft skin.

4. Spa Water: Vichy Eau Thermale Spa Water
Spraying spa water is essential to lock-in the goodness of everything you just applied. Vichy Thermal Water refreshes my skin and also calms down my redness!

5. Sunscreen: La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 (PA + + + Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB)
This sunscreen is my life. I am not kidding. I could write poems on it and how it transformed my skin when it had horrible sunburns following a camp. La Shield is creamy in color so it does not leave a white cast on your face and it gets absorbed into your skin in a few secs. My dermatologist prescribed it to me and I cannot thank her enough for that. It's oil-free, non-comedogenic and water resistant. If you were to blindly take two skincare recommendations from me, it'd be La Shield Sunscreen Gel and Atopia Cream. My ultimate HG stuff!

6. Lip balm: Maybelline Baby Lips & Organic Harvest
I don't have a fixed lip balm which I use daily. In fact, I don't even remember how many I have at the moment as every time I go out, I have to purchase a new one #LipBalmAddict. These are the ones I managed to find on the top of my dresser.

7. Body Lotion: QV Skin Lotion
QV Lotion is manufactured by an Australian pharmaceutical company, EGO. The lotion is fragrance-free and of perfect consistency to replenish my dry skin. That being said, I am sure people of all skin types will also find it suitable to use on a daily basis. 


1. Cleanser: Same as mentioned earlier

2. Scrub: For some reason, commercial scrubs NEVER suited me. I've attempted a myriad of them, however always ended up with flakiness. So I tried this DIY scrub a year ago and never looked back! It's simple and makes your skin glowing and baby soft in a matter of 30 secs. All you need are:
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1.5 tbsp Sugar
  • Half tbsp Olive/Coconut Oil
I gently scrub this paste on my face and lips for about 30-50 secs and wash off with lukewarm water. You cannot resist creepily touching your face for the next two days, I promise!

3. Face Mask: 

I love experimenting with face masks the most, so I keep changing them every once in a while. Aforementioned are the ones I currently enjoy using. I apply any one of the masks on my damp skin, extending to the neck, and keep it on for around 20 mins.

4. Vichy Eau Thermale Spa Water: I spray the spa water on my face after washing off the mask to enhance their benefits.

So that was my daily & weekly skin care routine! Lemme know yours!