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REVIEW: The Permanent Roommates Season 2 Episode 1

Unlike all the past Valentine's days, I was really pumped up about the one this year! Reason? The much awaited comeback of The Permanent Roommates, a web-series that has effortlessly redefined the landscape of digital entertainment in India with JUST five episodes in its season 1.

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The main USP of The Permanent Roommates' success has been the fast-paced, pleasant and tangible narration of Mikesh a.k.a Micky (Sumeet Vyas) and Tanya's (Nidhi Singh) quirky romance, exploring the less spoken aspects of being in a live-in relationship with someone poles-apart from you. And all that without really trying too hard to look "in" or "cooool" (yes, I said it the Micky's way!).



"While Tanya & Mikesh were busy planning their future, life gave them a surprise. And as if that surprise wasn't enough. Mikesh' parents planned to give them another one!"

The season picks up about two months after Mikesh's return to India, opening the episode in a bar setting. Tanya, sporting bob-cut hair, is seen disinterestedly doodling on a bar table when she is intruded by Mikesh, attempting to hit on her.

I honestly thought it was a prologue of their relationship for the first few minutes before realizing they were role-playing as strangers, something which was obviously going hilariously wrong! The screwed up tuning irks Tanya more than it probably should have, and she storms out of the bar tossing her wig (thank god!) onto the ground.

Mikesh follows her and it is then that she confesses to him the actual reason of her irritation: Mikesh' parents' short-notice visit the next day. She worries they may end up not liking her, which he smoothly rebuts by assuring that his parents are already in love with her.

Tanya reflexively rushes to the street corner and pukes, and after ruling out everything, the most dreaded possibility strikes them: the P-word.

season 2, review, summary, mikesh, tanya

What follows while confirming the pregnancy test are a series of  rants, expectations and our beloved broker, Purushottam jee (Deepak Kumar Mishra), who now drives Ola cab and does not get that his "gutur gutur" stomachache cannot be treated in the gynecology department.

And let's not forget the pivotal characters of this episode: the parents and an unannounced grandfather.

Ever wondered how Mikesh was so overtly enthusiastic and, well, immature? Meet the goofy dad (Darshan Jariwala), for whom life is a race. Like literally. 

The mom (Sheeba Chadda) is clearly more sensible of the two, responsible from paying cab driver fares to carrying heavy luggage all the way up to the four stories. She also does not like wearing bras. 
Their relationship is an uncanny reflection of Tanya and Mikesh's, where the former is more pragmatic while planning the future.

The grandfather (Asrani) is a typical father-in-law who has a hard hearing issue and often gets into a tiff with his daughter-in-law, Mikesh's mom. They argue about small stuff like agarbatti and slippers, depicting an everyday scenario at an Indian household.

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The heartfelt conversation between Tanya and her prospective mother-in-law in kitchen is clearly one of the best scenes that unfolds in the episode. It is also when Tanya realizes that she may be slightly alluded towards the idea of having a baby; or well atleast she isn't completely repulsed at that prospect either.

tvf, season 2, review, summary, tanya, nidhi singh, pregnant

The episode ends with Mikesh and Tanya trying to figure whether she is "pro-life or pro-choice" and our daadaji conveniently over-hearing everything, albeit having his hearing-aid switched off.


Anurabh Kumar and team never fail to provide a breath of fresh air amidst every mainstream serial turning to be crappier and regressive than the other. Biswapati Sarkar excels yet again in writing a simple yet sharp plot that is bound to fetch them another round of roaring success.

The opening cast has a similar theme and the same background score, with exception of Ola replacing Common Floors as their sponsors. 

While dealing with the pregnancy news, we are yet again reminded of how different Tanya and Mikesh's outlook towards life is; but then again for a relationship to workout, it does not always have be immaculate. All one needs is an invincible will to tip-toe the high wires to stay together.

Sumeet Vyas as Mikesh is bang-on funny and his character as a simpleton guy will continue to enamor you this time too. Nidhi Singh has done a commendable job in portraying the dilemma of choosing her promotion as the Brand Manager and having a baby. 

The humor is sublimely timed and the entry of the parents just signs it a notch higher. Tanya's makeup is natural and dewy and the costumes are merely everyday wear.

Only two things got me off: one, that each episode will be aired only once in two weeks and the other, trying to push in Ola references. Okay, we get it from the posters and opening cast. They are your sponsors. Just don't make it in-your-face that often.

All in all, a delightful episode with improved quality that will seemingly keep the viewers hooked for yet another season.

The Crack-ups

  • Mikesh: I'm Mikesh, btw
         Tanya: Monica :)

         Mikesh: Actually I lied about my name. It's not Mikesh, it's Chandlier
  • Mikesh: Maine susu kiya tha toh mujhe bhi pregnant bataya tha
  • Poorushottam Jee: Nahi, baccha toh nahi hain. Compulsary hota hain kya?
  • Mikesh's mom on how she "outsourced" Mikesh's beatings!
  • Mikesh: Arrey boyfriend toh main hoon yaar! Kya matlab young logo ka kuch pata nahi chalta hai?    
  • Daadaji: Bahu pait se hain!

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