Saturday, 30 July 2016

Baroness Von Sketch Show Season 1: Review

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I love watching shows that dare to standout and churn original content. So while browsing through new TV shows online, I stumbled upon the Canadian series, Baroness Von Sketch Show. The synopsis pretty much got me on board with this sketch comedy immediately!

"An all-female, single-camera sketch comedy series that takes a fresh look at the world's narcissistic contemporary culture. Fast-paced and irreverent, the series celebrates the absurd, mines the embarrassing and satirizes daily lives."

The best thing about sketch comedies is that they are brisk and clever, without necessarily making you obligated to keep up with every single episode to get a hang of the plot.
Baroness Von Sketch Show is led by Carolyn Taylor, Meredith Macneill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen, who also serve as the executive producers.
The show is largely fueled by lampooning the contemporary culture we're active-passively transfixed by beyond repair.
sketch comedy, feminist, all-female

We see everything wrong with our society being called out in witty skits: from the masked joy we take in other’s grief to blatant hypocrisy, sexism, pseudo-intelligence and vile condescension we reek of. The humor resonates with all genders surprisingly well and I am sure a lot of men will find the show relatable on many levels!

While the essence of Baroness Von Sketch Show is genuine and fresh, it ultimately lacks the edge needed to keep the audience glued to a series. Also, it's really not thaaat irreverent as claimed so in the synopsis. Sure, quite a lot of the gags are absolutely brilliant, like this particular one which depicts a police chief holding a press conference, but others are, well..meh.

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Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

The show is shot in real locations and the actors have done a splendid job in making every struggle as tangible to the viewers as possible. My personal favorite of the four is Meredith Macneill! She is fierce and aces awkward physical comedy effortlessly.

baroness von sketch show, comedy, feminist, physical comedy, meredith macneill
Image Courtesy: CBC

All in all, Baroness Von Sketch Show is pleasant breather from the slapstick comedy we are over-exposed to. It may not be a raging comedy, but the gags will make your problems seem lot less hideous after realizing that just about every woman suffers from them!

Ratings: 3.5/5