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5 New T.V Series You Must Binge-Watch This Year!

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2016 has already proven to be mighty eventful for T.V lovers. While shows like Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory have redeemed themselves for rather lackluster seasons they disgorged the previous year, we were treated to a sweep of series that either premiered recently or strongly marched on to season 2! Each of the series manifests a blend of path-breaking yet somewhere tangible attributes that set them apart from the past T.V norms. 

Among the welter of shows I've watched this year, these are the 5 best you must absolutely be binge-watching now! They are sassy and content-driven, with strong women lead and some run by people close to home. Watch them now, thank me later.

5. UnReal

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Image Courtesy: Lifetime
If there's one thing the millennial generation will forever be known for, it'd be the swarming reality shows invading our sense of privacy and intelligence. But have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-camera of such shows? When Ranvijay isn't spewing forced profanity or Sunny slipping out of her facade of "true love" and "connections"?

Well, UnReal is the answer for you! It dishes out all the dirt and scandals that transpire when the camera goes off and the lengths producers can go to boost their T.V ratings. The series revolves around a troubled producer, Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Abbleby) and her boss Quinn King (Constance Zimmer), chronicling how they transgress integrity and conscience for the sake of their dating reality show, Everlasting.

You are gonna LOVE Zimmer as the calculating showrunner and the complicated friendship she shares with Rachel. Co-starring: Craig Bierko, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Josh Kelly.

UnReal has just completed its season 2, which is about the first black suitor in the history of Everlasting. It also touches issues like racism, child rape and sexuality.

Watch the trailer HERE

4. Permanent Roommates

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Image Courtesy: TVF Play
Everyone who lives in India and has an access to Youtube would definitely know about TVF's The Permanent Roommates! They've redefined the Indian viewership with its story about a regular couple, Tanya and Mikesh (Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas), who despite being poles apart from each other, are trying to make their live-in relationship work out. This is a huge deal as pre-marital relationships are still considered a taboo in our society.

After the viral success of their first season, "Tankesh" (Tanya+Mikesh) are back and ready to take their roller coaster ride to another level. There's a lot of laughter and even more crying involved as choices are made and hopes, shattered.

We meet the parents and learn their eccentricities, which might have influenced the way Tanya and Mikesh are right now. Look out for some of the finest guest appearances by Asrani, Divyendu Sharma (Pyaar ka Punchnama), Pradhuman Singh (Tere Bin Laden) and Manu Rishi.

Watch the trailer HERE

3. Jessica Jones

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Image Courtesy: Netflix
Jessica Jones is one of the most bad-ass characters I've watched! I am normally not into superhero-comic-kinda stuff, but this series is super intriguing and has proportionate elements of violence, thrill and emotions. Be wary though, it's pretty dark.

The show follows the life of a former superhero(-ine?) turned black hooded personal investigator, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), who is struggling to experience normalcy after a tragic past unleashed by a mind-controller villain, Kilgrave (David Tennant). We get to see how being a superhero isn't exactly a "gift" and that more often than not the lives of people we love are also sabotaged on the path to justice.

I love the brilliant noir tone of this series, which further facilitates in creating tension and keeping us at the edge of our seats. Considering the acclaim Jessica Jones received, Netflix is producing a brand new show with one of the lead characters, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), who also happens to be Jones' love interest.

Watch the trailer HERE

2. Master of None

master of none, best series, binge-watch, indian, netflix and chill
Image Courtesy: Netflix
Netflix is going all out to give its audience a sterling array of shows and exposing them to various (non-white) cultures. Master of None is one such example. It stars Aziz Ansari as Dev Shah, a struggling actor who has a strong panache for choosing his present on the basis of fantasizing his future. He feels like he's stuck in a place with nothing to offer while his other friends seem to be progressing in their lives. Another underlying theme is the gross (mis)representation of Indians in American mainstream media.

The relationship between Dev Shah and his girlfriend Rachel (Noel Wells) is the highlight of the series. It's awkward and super-relatable! From deciding who should clean up the mess to who should be dominant in bed, all their scenes will make you go aww at them.

Master of None also stars a hilarious ensemble cast of Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu and Lena Waithe. Aziz's real life parents also play his adorable on-screen mom and dad.

Watch the trailer HERE

1. Stranger Things 

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Image Courtesy: Netflix

I was absolutely certain that no T.V show would excite me, or even come close, as Game of Thrones does. But, well, Netflix's Stranger Things proved me wrong! It's an exquisite fusion of nostalgia, horror, comedy and ze feels. 

The series is about a fictitious town of Hawkins in Indiana. People there are really jolly and everybody knows everybody. That is, till kids start mysteriously disappearing and the mantle of solving these cases is given to the charming Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour). A lot of human atrocities conducted in Hawkins Laboratory is unveiled during this process and a young girl with psychokinetic abilities escapes from there. She is called 011 or El (Millie Brown) and has a limited vocabulary. A group of kids (named Mike, Dustin and Lucas) in search of their missing friend, Will, chance upon her and they all become friends. That's your story.

Not really, though. There's so much more that can be experienced only by watching this crazy, crazy good of a show! Seriously, 10/10. You won't regret binge-watching Stranger Things and weeping afterwards once it gets over.

Watch the trailer HERE

That's my list of new T.V shows I love! Let me know yours in the comments below!

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