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7 Favorite Comic Strips Guaranteed to Hit You in ze Feels

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There's nothing more relishing than slumping to some bright yet intense comic strips after a long day at work! I could spend an eternity reading reflective, quirky and inspiring comics, especially which evoke a tinge of nostalgia in me. While discussing things that inspire us with a friend, I thought of collating a list of my favorite most strips that effortlessly struck a chord with me. These moved me so much that it almost felt like they were created keeping my life in mind!

Here're my top 7 strips for you to read and get punched right in ze feels! They are all vivid and brilliantly drawn. The list of my favorites is actually never-ending, but I turn to these ones when I am particularly down. Some of them are pretty new, while others have ceaselessly been inspiring me since high school.

7. For those haunted with anxiety and suicidal thoughts 

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I stumbled upon Doodleodrama quite recently and my, my, her graphics are simply delightful! They are funny and extremely tangible. This strip was posted on World Suicide Prevention Day as a means to promote awareness about the rising rates of suicide death in India. Albeit new, the last panel gave me some major goosebumps!

See more of Doodleodrama here.

6. For those who can never get the words right

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incidental comics, word problems, introvert

incidental comics, word problems, introvert
Grant Snider is hands-down one of my favorite illustrators! His comics are so real that it's heartbreaking. Crazy how difficult it is for some people (see:me) to muster up the confidence to get a few words right with others. This perfectly depicts such a person's (again, me) constant state of battle between their mind and the tongue.

5. For those in need of little introspection

calvin and hobbes, stars, introspection, favorite comic strips

We all grew up with the six-year-old Calvin and his imaginary pet tiger, Hobbes. They are adorable and often represent what it's like to think differently from the mechanized system we're a part of. This strip is just so serene to look at! It reminds us to not take ourselves all that seriously and gaze into the glistening stars every once in a while.

See more of Calvin and Hobbes here.

 4. For those wrestling with self-doubt and failures

picture in boxes, rubik square, self-doubt, failure, comic strips

I can't recall when exactly I came across this illustration, but I do remember getting very teary  upon reading it. We often find ourselves lost and clueless during our youth, assuming things to remain perennially distressing. Comics like these are a manifestation of hope, that you'll have everything figured out one day and what you went through will eventually be worth it.

See more of Pictures in Boxes here.

3. For those struggling to embrace change

lunarbaboon, family, change, memories, comic strips
It takes me forever to get accustomed to change which is why I hate it. However, we must learn to embrace it sooner to combat every challenge thrown at us in life. I keep this around to remind myself that every change is beautiful in its own way.

See more of LunarBaboon here.

2. For those bogged down by the dreaded "chaar log" and their cynicism

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I've learnt more about the practical application of Islam through The Muslim Show than I did in my Islamic Studies classes at school. Their main figures have evolved from full-fledged graphics to shadows, but the essence stays intact. 
I love this "Impossible" strip. The message is simple and smart: if you want to accomplish something, turn your deaf ear to the negative people in life. 

See more of The Muslim Show here.

1. For those overwhelmed in the pursuit to fulfill their ambition

the nature of ambition, incidental comics, favorite comics, inspiring, grant snider

It's Grant Snider again! I cannot stress upon just how much I adore this strip. It helped me tackle so many inner fears and insecurities and still makes me stay true to my roots. I plan to hang it as a portrait in my bedroom soon so The Nature of Ambition is the first thing I open my eyes to every morning.

See more of Incidental Comics here.

I hope you like my list. Let me know which ones inspire you!

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