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Indian YouTube Beauty Gurus: My Fav 6!

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YouTube beauty gurus are pretty much the reason why I first started experimenting with makeup and DIYs. If I can recall clearly, The Makeup Chair was the first beauty channel I stumbled upon five years ago during my peregrination of learning to apply an eyeliner on "fleek" (ugh, such an over-used term!).
From there, I began subscribing to diverse beauty channels, from Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota to Farah Dhukai. However, it was rather difficult for me to relate to them as most of the popular beauty gurus were either white or lived in other countries, using products which were inaccessible in India.

Fortunately, a few months later there was a surge in the number and popularity of Indian beauty and lifestyle YouTubers. I found them preppy, closer to my age and tangible in whacking more aspects. The products they mentioned were also familiar, in comparison to the brands featured by foreign gurus that were mind-mindbogglingly intimidating for someone like me, who was freshly new in the makeup scene. Seriously though, Chantikay? Chantikee? Shantakee? Guess I'll never know.

Here's a list of my 6 favorite Indian YouTube beauty gurus whom, I am sure, you are gonna love too!

6. Delhi Fashion Blogger

delhi fashion blogger, top indian beauty gurus, youtube, komal, team komal
Image Courtesy: YouTube
I was drawn towards Komal's, aka Delhi Fashion Blogger, pleasant vibes right from her first video I watched! Her voice is ultra-soothing to the ears and she gives honest reviews on beauty products usually after trying it for no less than a month. Komal also holds strong opinions on fat shaming and superficial beauty standards set for women by the society, which she deals with in her videos, #KomalTalks. And oh, she sings too! 

sherry shroff, top indian beauty guru, makeup, lifestyle vlogger, model
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Scherezade Shroff or Sherry is a former popular model turned lifestyle vlogger. Her energy is crazy contagious and can come in handy to effortlessly reinvigorate your mood! She covers a range of topics on her channel apart from makeup, such as fashion, finance and other practical advice for urban women. Get ready for tonnes of  cool food and travel vlogs as well!

4. MyHappinesz

myhappinesz, top indian youtube beauty gurus, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, komal, angels
Image Courtesy: Myhappinesz
Komal, aka Myhappinesz, posts several easily achievable makeup looks, prep talk, diet tips and fashion haul videos. I love her personal vlogs in which she gives an insight into her daily life of living with her understanding husband, in-laws and two adorable dogs! 

3. SuperWOWstyle

prachi, superwowstyle, youtube, beauty guru, top beauty youtubers, roadies

You probably know Prachi from her Roadies days. Well, on her channel SuperWOWstyle, we find how interactive and sweet she really is!

Prachi usually posts a gamut of beauty reviews and homemade remedies for virtually every skin problem. Love how well-spoken and honest she is. 

2. Sjlovesjewelry

sjlovesjewelry, shreya jain, indian beauty guru, makeup, hauls, skincare, acne
Image Courtesy: YouTube
Shreya Jain has come a long way from mixing up her words on camera to representing Indian YouTube beauty gurus on many occasions. She is probably one of the most versatile YouTubers, boasting of a sweep of makeup looks and skin care tips. She also openly talks and gives tips on how she deals with suffering from PCOS. Shreya is chirpy and totally relatable, which makes me enjoy watching her videos!

1. Debasree Banerjee 

debasree banerjee, all she needs, vlogger, top indian beauty guru, skincare, acne, makeup, assam, kolkata
Image Courtesy: YouTube
Debasree Banerjee is simply delightful! She possesses great presentation skills and has a knack for experimenting with new and extremely affordable beauty products. I found out about Miss Claire (my HG lip creams) and Kiss Beauty through her. Debasree's endeavors in striking the right balance between high-end makeup tutorials and discovering awesome and reasonably priced dupes is what makes her extremely popular in the Indian YouTube beauty game.  That, and her affable personality!

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  1. I watch them all and these got to be my favorites too along with some blogger freinds channel. great post :)

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  2. I follow Debasree and Shreya regularly,love their videos :) Nice list.
    Natural Beauty And Makeup

  3. I follow all of them and recently even I made a list of my favourite beauty YouTubers on my blog. Please visit to read it.

  4. It's always nice to discover new talent. Thanks for sharing these with us :)

  5. Such a great list. Thanks for sharing it.