Thursday, 29 September 2016

Go-To Makeup Essentials

We all have a set of go-to makeup essentials which come in great handy when we're in rush yet gotta look pristine before stepping out. I definitely have my list of 7 products that help me come across quasi-presentable even when I am mentally stuck in a zombie apocalypse zone!

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This, ofcourse, is preceded with my skincare routine during which I slather around two layers of Atopia on my drought-stricken face. And then, I begin with these great stuff! Kindly note that I got all the base products only after my dermat's approval.

1) Sunscreen Gel 

la shield sunscreen, glenmark, spf 40, sunblock, skin care essential, makeup

I've declared my lengths of love for La Shield in my previous skin care post! I apply it generously on my skin after moisturizing it well. This sunscreen gel has SPF 40 in it and is water-resistant. A full review will be up soon.

2) Primer

colorbar primer, silicone based, best primer, india, go-to makeup essentials

I have an extremely dry skin so I don't really need a primer. But the Colorbar one does a great job at diminishing redness and mattifying my eyelids so I apply it sparingly on the said areas. It's light-weight and never broke me out, courtesy its silicone and gel-based formulation. 

3) CC Cream

bourjois paris cc cream, go-to makeup essentials, color corrector

I still remember the BB and CC cream fad around 3 years ago. In order to blend with the trend, I first used Garnier BB cream, but that gave me crazy bad bumps and rashes. Later I succumbed to Bourjois Paris' SA praises of the CC cream and I am glad purchased it! The CC cream disperses into the skin within seconds and cancels out all the redness too. And guess what? It's recommended by Lisa Eldrige as well! 

4) Gel Eyeliner

maybelline long lasting drama, eyeliner, drugstore, go-to makeup essentials

Maybelline Long Lasting Drama is easy to use and comes with a soft and flexible brush. I love its semi-matte texture. 

5) Eyelash Curler and Mascara

loreal volume million lashes, mascara, my go-to makeup essentials

There was a time when I dreaded applying mascara, lest I became blind from poking the wand into my eye, but now I can barely leave my house without it. I usually curl my lashes first and then apply about 2 coats of mascara. I am using Loreal Volume Million Lashes at the moment. It's great for lengthening and stays put the entire day. 

6) Lip cream

miss claire, lip cream, matte, my go-to makeup essentials, 08, dupe nyx

It's important to wear a matte lip cream for a natural and polished look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Claire Lip Cream in 08! It's ultra-pigmented and wouldn't budge from your lips at all, no matter what you eat. The only teensy-weensy drawback is that it may transfer onto your teeth, but the "finger in the lip trick" can help you tackle that!

So these are the products that make me look put together even on my laziest days. I'd be glad to know your makeup essentials in the comments below!

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  1. Love all these & gel eyeliner is my favorite

  2. Great products, thanks for sharing this post. :)

  3. Eye lash curlers are such an essential!!! Great post girlie.

    Dakota D.
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  4. Looks like great products! Gemma x

  5. Those products look so nice! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love this all products. it seems great.