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3 Drinks for a Clearer and Brighter Skin!

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We spend endless money on beauty products to achieve that porcelain model-like skin we're over-exposed to. However, more often than not the sole result we obtain is our stooped bank statement, and perhaps some melancholic guilt-trips following that! Now, what if I told you there are 3 drinks that not only positively facilitate in making your skin bright and radiant, but are also extremely cheap and easy to make at home?

So here are 3 recipes to help you drink your way to a gorgeous skin!

  • Ginger Tea with Lemon

ginger tea with lemon, clear and bright skin, 3 drinks, beauty
Image Courtesy: Taste for life
Gingers are a kitchen essential in every Indian household. Drinking ginger tea aids in reducing the signs of aging, inflammation and redness and also works as a catalyst in skin detoxification. And guess what? It also helps in alleviating nausea and other digestive issues, so drinking this tea will keep you light and fresh inside out! Here's how you make it:
  • 1/2 to one inch Ginger Root
  • 1/2 Lemon
  1. Place ginger root in about a mug of water
  2. Bring it to a boil
  3. Let it simmer for approximately 5-10 mins
  4. Pour it into a mug
  5. Squeeze half lemon into the tea
Adding lemon will not only enhance ginger tea's taste, but will also act as a powerful detoxifying agent with its powerhouse of Vitamin C!

  • Banana and Avocado Smoothie

Image Courtesy: Smiling Body, Smiling Mind
This banana and avocado smoothie is packed with potassium and good fats that help in lending your skin elasticity and shine. It's super-simple to make and is delicious to drink while reading your favorite book! Here's how you make it:
  • One Avocado
  • One Banana
  • Half a glass of Milk
  1. Combine them all in a blender and blend till you reach the desired consistency
  2. You can also add one tsp of powdered Flaxseed for added benefits

  • Green Tea with Mint Leaves

Image Courtesy: Cancer Frighters Thrive
We all are extremely aware of the advantages of inculcating green tea in our daily lives. However, you can augment the advantages of this cooling tea by adding a few mint leaves to it. Mint possesses several anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which will ease the acne clearing process and even out your complexion. Here's how you make it:

  • One tsp Green Tea Leaves
  • 3-5 Mint Leaves
  1. Bring about one mug water to a boil, throw some mint leaves in
  2. Add green tea leaves after a minute
  3. Let it simmer for around 2-5 mins
  4. Drink it hot

I hope you benefit from these 3 drinks! Let me know what you drink to keep your skin clear and healthy!

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