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5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Boggled My Mind!

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Let's all just admit that behind our gleeful smiles and propensity to crack lame jokes, there inhabits a fathomless void which can only be filled with crazy dark humor and mind-boggling conspiracy theories!

Conspiracy theories are like a pinch of salt and spices that make our bland lives seem a little more interesting and Hollywood-esque. I mean, imagine, you aren't really this anxiety-stricken and ornery because of, well your own issues, but from all the inconspicuous hypnosis you were subjected to via your T.V! Makes you feel better about yourself, right? *ahh, the blame-game gratification*

The Internet is deluged by such many more conspiracy theories and I could happily spend hours reading and "investigating" them. These are the top 5 theories, among the flurry of stuff I have seen/read, that totally boggled my mind. I don't necessarily believe them, but they are a fascinating read. Of course, I am not gonna be discussing the origin of Illuminati or 9/11 and mars etc, since they're passe now. 

Uhm okay, so here are they:

  • Denver International Airport is the Illuminati's Headquarters

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The last thing I want to be greeted with after coming down a tiring flight is a creepy blue mustang statue with red eyes. Doesn't help that the sculpture is also infamous for killing its creator while he was still working on it!
And these chilling factors around the massive Denver International Airport does not even stop here. It is filled with weird paintings depicting Nazi skeleton soldiers and scary devil murals, mostly signifying terror and the end of the world.

Built at 33,531 acres, the runways of this airport is in a Swastika pattern, fueling people to believe that it could be the headquarters of the Illuminati

conspiracy theory, capstone, dia

DIA's capstone also displays a symbol which bears an uncanny resemblance to the famous "Illuminati eye" and the funding was apparently funded by the New World Airport Commission, which apart from sounding eerily similar to the New World Order, wasn't even known before the airport came into existence. And oh yeah, there's apparently also a large secret morgue beneath the airport. Hm, when I read that my mind first went to a zombie apocalypse!

  • Celeb Deaths and Their Doppelgangers

conspiracy theories, crazy, pop culture, celeb clones, celeb deaths

According to this theory, Paul McCartney, Eminem and Avril Lavinge are all dead and replaced by their clones. 

So Macca was apparently killed during a car accident in 1966, possibly executed by Lennon, and was replaced by a look-alike, Billy Sheers. But Lennon eventually began feeling guilty and this was reflected in many songs, such as Strawberry Fields Forever (Lennon can be heard saying "I buried Paul" at the end), I'm So Tired ("Paul is dead, I miss him, I miss him" when played backwards) and making "Paul" walk barefoot on the covers of Abbey Road, well because, dead people don't wear shoes. 

Conspiracy theorists believe Avril Lavinge committed suicide after the death of her grandmother and was replaced by her acquaintance, Melissa Vandella. I mean what else could explain her recent shitty music, right?

Next theory is that Eminem died back in 2005 in a fatal car crash and was replaced by a clone. It's said that the Illuminati approached him when he was a rising rapper and offered him their "membership". He declined. They got pissed, killed him and put a clone in his place. 

  • Osama Bin Laden was Killed Way Before the Abbottabad Shootout

osama bin laden, death, u.s, conspiracy theory

So according to the theory, Osama Bin Laden was killed way before May 2, 2011, but because the Americans wanted an excuse to continue waging a war against the middle east, they kept it under wraps, till it was time for the elections. What gives credence to this theory is that no pictures of his body were ever released (they can shove the "too triggering/dangerous" excuse up where the sun never shines. Remember Sadam Hussain?) and he was hastily buried at sea within 24 hours. Yeah, I won't be surprised if this one turns out to be true.

  • Brace Your Death?

plane, aeroplane, brace position, conspiracy theory

Remember air hostesses giving you emergency guidelines prior to every take-off? You'll probably recall this particular bracing position you are supposed to assume during a possible crash. Well, apparently that position would just ensure your death!

According to a conspiracy theory. you can sue an airlines if the plane crashes or meets with an accident. They obviously wouldn't want that to happen so they'd rather not have any passengers to survive the crash. "Brace" position would direct greater impact towards your skull, guaranteeing it gets crushed during the turmoil. 
I do not know how valid this theory is, it may be just a hoax after all, but it does send chills through you!

  • Snapchat is Used to Keep a Track on You by the FBI

snapchat, evil, spying, filter

snapchat, face filter, face scan

Love documenting your life on Snapchat with those cute filters? You may want to reconsider this addiction! Apparently the facial recognition feature was made so that the FBI could amass database of your face, surroundings and lifestyle. Creeeeepy, amirite? It may be bogus for all we know, however the recent Snapchat update which requires us to activate our Location to use filters does seem shady to me. 

So these are the 5 crazy conspiracy theories that boggled my mind. Let me know if you are aware of any!

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  7. You have no idea who excited I was to see the title of this post. Conspiracy theories are something that have always interested me and I actually haven't heard of any of these except the Snapchat one. That's why I don't use it too often. I really hope the real Paul, Avril and Em aren't dead. They were all such originals. Did you also hear that JonBenét was never killed and she's actually Katy Perry? It's crazy, but I hope it's true because I loved that little girl was I was a child and I hate that it's still unsolved :(

    1. OMG, I saw the CBS documentary on JonBenet a while ago and it suggested that her brother, Burke Ramsey, killed her. He does come across as creepy to me. You should see his Dr. Phil segment! Smiling and giggling throughout.
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