About Me

Hi and welcome to the ice breaker session! My name's Najah Sameen and I am a freelance content writer with triple honors in Mass Comm, Social Management and Literature from St. Francis College, Hyderabad.

I have a deep proclivity for reading, writing and watching T.V ranging across a gamut of genres. And I am here to share just that & more with you.

So, what I am gonna be doing is trying out different beauty products, reading heaps of books and watching crazy amounts of T.V (sigh). And then I'd dispense everything I learn over here so you won't have to scurry around for the right stuff so much. That's how golden my heart is, yo.

You can gimme your feedback in the comments section. Good, bad, ugly anything works as long as it's constructive.

I'd absolutely love to see your work and perspective on life, 'cuz "everyone you'll ever meet knows something you don't" -Bill Nye.

 ♥ Stay blessed 


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